September births – 1103

On the 17th of September Ioni Arwaduhn was born, daughter of Cordell and Lisbet.

This also means that Lisbet won the bet 😉

August Deaths – 1103

On the 2nd of August Moysant Talbot died giving birth to her daughter Etain. She is survived by her husband Wihtsige, son Lochan and newborn daughter Etain.


August babies – 1103

On the 2nd of August Etain Talbot was born, daughter of Wihtsige and Moysant. Her mother Moysant died in childbirth. I must have accidentally grown Etain up so she is a toddler in the picture.


Mhalwae walls at the Medieval Smithy

Ohmigosh… I was just perusing The Medieval Smithy, an absolutely fantastic sight for medieval custom content and I saw these beautiful walls. Named after Mhalwae! I’m so excited that the wonderful Lady Lama would use my story to name some of her amazing custom content. They are really beautiful walls too… I am definitely going to use them somewhere in Mhalwae… the castle is getting overdue for some nice wood panelling isn’t it?


July babies

A bit behind with the births. Just one for July that you guys already know about. Claire Ulcar was born on the 15th of July to Noah and Gena Ulcar.

Isaura and The Smithsonian


Some sneak previews of the world outside Mhalwae


Why has Mhalwae been so quiet lately?

I know there haven’t been a lot of updates lately. Here’s the reason why.

We’ve decided to leave Sweden and move back to Australia (my home country) so that I can be closer to my parents (and the sun!). Before that we are travelling for four months in the USA and probably Tonga and New Zealand on the way home.

What this means is that I am absolutely run off my feet at the moment. I am trying to pack up my whole life, organise visas, cancel phone plans and at the same time plan an overseas trip. On top of that I am supposed to submit three journal articles before I go and I will be teaching a structural geology course at the university all of May. Eeek! So there is a lot on my plate.


The victims of the sickness


June babies

June is almost over in Mhalwae. Well almost… there are three more chapters, but hey, I’m an impatient person. I thought I might post here updates on the babies born each month. I kind of like that stuff, to see how the population of Mhalwae is growing, even if it is characters we never see. So, without further ado, the June babies.

As we know, on the 6th of June both Morven’s baby Albin and her father Eanraig’s daughter Ulrika were born. Their going to have some fun with birthday parties in the future I imagine.